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Clinic 805 - Surgical Procedures > Otoplasty

Otoplasty (Ears)

Otoplasty is a surgical procedure that improves the shape, size, position and proportion of the ear. It can correct a structural defect present at birth, or make aesthetic corrections due to sports or other injury.

This surgery can be done under either a monitored or general anesthetic. An incision is made behind the ear and the manipulation of the cartilage and surrounding soft tissue is performed as necessary. After the surgery you will be placed in a bulky head dressing which helps to hold your ears in their new position. This dressing is left intact until you are seen in office for follow-up at 5 – 7 days post-op. Once the dressing is removed, you will be asked to wear a sports band or bandeau for 6 weeks. This additional pressure will help to support the ear while it heals.

Post-operative pain is managed well with medication. You will be advised to keep your head elevated above your heart and to refrain from strenuous exercise for 2 weeks post-op.

As with any surgery there are some risks. Complications can include infection, bleeding (hematoma) and asymmetry. Adult cartilage is thicker than a child’s. It is because of this that some patients may experience “rebound” after their surgery which could require surgical revision.

Dr. Smith will see you 4 – 6 months post-op to assess your result.