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On The Cutting Edge - Dr. Ken Smith’ Passion For Medicine
Boulevard Magazine, Apr/May 2018  |  Read article »
On The Cutting Edge [Starting on Page 42] “When Dr. Ken Smith started university, he never thought he’d become a doctor – let alone one of the most sought-after plastic surgeons on the west coast. “I was actually studying physical education because thats what I thought was the easiest curriculum in university when I left high school...”

The Art of Surgery
Boulevard Magazine, September 2011  |  Read article »
The Art of Surgery [Starting on Page 15] “‘The aesthetic side sometimes gets pooh-poohed, even by other doctors,’ says Robinson, Victoria’s newest plastic surgeon. Robinson moved here last month from a fellowship at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas and joins Taylor in specializing in microsurgical post-cancer reconstruction – with a bit of cosmetic surgery on the side...”

Alumni Testimonials – Ken and Gail Smith (Bozek)
Division of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at the University of Toronto  |  Read article »

ZO Anim Intro VO
Dr. Zein Obagi explains how the right product can renew our skin cells, in order to achieve healthy skin and look our best!


Beauty for Life

A Guide for Patients
Introducing Beauty for Life. This booklet provides a decade-by-decade overview of the aging process and the common cosmetic procedures that plastic surgeons are uniquely qualified to perform to keep patients looking their best at every stage of life. This member benefit is available to all Aesthetic Society members.



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